What’s the most unique firearm that you have owned?

I collect unusual firearms…. this little Cobray Double Barreled shotgun with a 2-inch barrel is kind of cool.

A shotgun derringer is very hard to shoot.


You would think this is would be a “sawed-off shotgun” and totally illegal, but no the law clearly says the destructive device must have a bore greater than 1/2″ and this is .45 — .05 inch under the line. .410 shells.

It has a rifled barrel so is not a “shotgun”.

It also shoots .45 Long Colt rounds. Which is a crazy powerful round, a .45 on steroids.

So the theory I use is the first shot is the shotgun round, which would form a cloud of pellets everywhere in the general direction you are looking, and the second shot is the “aimed” .45 hollowpoint.

It is no fun to shoot though. Takes your hand off when you fire it with those very small grips.

Made by some guy named Wayne Daniels in Ducktown, Tennessee. Really unique pieces.

They are still making guns under the name Leinad (Daniel spelled backward).

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