When the world is against us, we respond by working harder, training harder, studying harder, and being better so that when you come to judge us you have no excuse but to recognize our achievements.
But we don’t want your accolades. We don’t want “equity” or inclusion or handouts from anyone. We just want a fair chance to benefit from what we’ve worked for and earned. Now that we are being opportunistically targeted, we see that we might not get that chance because we’re perceived as weak and vulnerable by both criminals and the woke, alike. Not for long, though. We aren’t going to stage protests on busy streets during rush hour, write 7,000-word white papers about how Kung Pao Chicken is racist or post an alabaster-adjacent square on our Instagram pages. We simply don’t have time for that kind of puffery. And we certainly won’t rely on the government for help because we know the government won’t come, or may possibly even turn on us. What we will do is learn to protect ourselves. We will train with our 2 x 4’s, our gold hardware-accented purses packed with four pounds of makeup and a half dozen oranges, our fists clutching translucent pink plastic grocery bags, and, yes, with our guns. And we will become the best with all of them. Math, music, manufacturing, whiskey, and now armed self-defense. We love this country and truly appreciate the opportunities we have been given. We want to live here in peace to see our children prosper like their parents have, contributing to a better, stronger nation. And we will fight to our own ends to see it through. Buy gun online Order now